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Cassandra Sue Shambo is available to help your horse through the basic levels of riding, or can help prepare your horse for sale or breed competition.  We can develop your horse for pleasure riding, trail riding, western rail work, english rail work, patterned competition classes, dressage work and hunter skills.

Full Training Package

A horse under full training would be worked a minimum of 3 days per week and a maximum of 6 days per week.  The deciding factors of this would be the horse's mental abilities, emotional strength and physical stamina. 

*Breaking out*
This is a term that is a bit vague and seldom used properly in this area.  Customers often presents a case with a horse that has "already been broke", but is not prepared to carry a saddle or be comfortable working with simple training equipment. 
Mrs. Shambo does have experience breaking young horses for various riding work; and is often found working the raw fundamentals with even the aged horse. 
When Breaking out is completed the horse should be able to competently and confidently carry a rider, saddle, bridle, bit and reins through all typical gaits: walk, trot, canter, halt and back up.

*Show Prep
Mrs. Shambo's specialty is turning a roughly developed horse into a competitive and attractive show mount.  After assessing the horse's natural way of going, we discuss the goals and uses the horse is intended to perform.  Through developing a stronger foundation and focus on a natural and correct way of going, you will have a willing and strong mount to take you through the show season.
Often the rider is encouraged to be part of training exercises to further develop the team work and better understanding.  Training is great and often times vital to a horse, but if only a trainer can get the animal to perform at a high standard, where is the gain?

Maintenance Training

This is a system of working your horse to improve their conditioning, their responsiveness and correct their way of going.  A horse under this system would be worked any where from one to three days per week; again, depending on a number of factors suitable for the horse and the owner's goals and expectations.

Sales Preparation

While TTS does not actively participate in direct sales activities, it is my priority to prepare the horse to be at the best of their ability and to find the most suitable owners for the horse.  Often times you will find a terrific horse, and a talented rider - but characteristics or personalities wont mesh.  At TTS this component is as important to a potential sale as the skill sets of horse and rider.  Teams find each other, and we are not in the business of surplus grocery sales - we are here to help amazing teams reach the best of their potential.