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Cassandra Sue Shambo is the resident instructor.  She offers basic horsemanship lessons for the beginners, who can start at age 8.  She also offers private and group lessons for Western (Stock Seat Equitation), English (Hunt Seat), Hunter (Jumping), and Dressage.  Look through our Barn Family & Friends page to see some of our lesson horses.  TTS owns 5 horses: Blaze, Jake, Zoey and Doc (aka: Dewey) and Sassy.  We also have the opportunity to use a few of our boarded horses for select lesson use. 

Te Pich Te
'88 QH Appendix Gelding
Do A Little Dance
'94 Quarter Horse Gelding

Custom RV
'03 Quarter Horse Mare

Lesson Philosophy
The core principle of riding is: Riding is Riding, no matter the discipline.
Okay, lets break that down: a rider can work in any discipline if they understand the basics of cues, coordination, and horse communication.  The differences in disciplines depends what you are asking of your horse; what you want to achieve with your mount.  You may be asking a reiner to extend his self carriage, and lighten his fore end as his drives into a slide.  Or you may be asking a dressage horse to synchronize his front and back end as his forward motion is redirected to a lateral move.  Or you may be  asking a hunter horse to flex into a bend to help his balance as he rounds a turn.   But the rider's body will be working with the same tools.  And a horse will best understand the rider when cues are communicated through a predictable and natural fashion.  Horses communicate through natural instinct; believe it or not: people are designed through the same rules.  However, we often discount our natural body language in modern society.  Riding horses is a great opportunity for people to recenter ourselves in a crazy world.

The owner, Cassandra Sue Shambo, supports equine enthusiastic youth through the "Blue Star Equestrian 4H Club".  Many of our youth do not own a horse, and it is not a requirement.  Neither is it a requirement to even take riding lessons!  There are so many ways for people to enjoy horses, there should be no prerequisites to be involved in a youth group.  In the past, this group has taken trips to the Saratoga Race Track.  We hope to earn enough funds through group activities to plan another trip soon. 

This is the season of Horse Bowl, Hippology and Horse Judging!

We should all be gearing up for the next season: SHOW SEASON!