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About Us

Twisted Tree Stables was built and organized late in 2005.  On 14 acres of family land we built a stall barn that quickly grew from 8 box stalls to 24 stalls.  Beyond our existing 65'x100' outdoor arena, we also developed a 75'x150' indoor sand arena.

Cassandra Shambo developed as a rider under numerous local trainers from 1990 to 1995.  After which travel became very necessary to expand her equestrian skills.  With this she took a "rough" appendix QH (Te Pich Te, aka "Blaze"), purchased from Louis Holmes, to AQHA events and earned multiple Youth and Open performance ROM's and even qualified for the AQHYA World show three consecutive years.  Knowing Blaze wasn't much competition in a AQHA show ring, Cassandra set her sites on another mount.  A grey gelding at Pople Ridge Farm named By Yawl Gems ("Tyler") had been shoved from hand to hand, and earning little success.  Thinking this was a proper challenge, Cassandra took him by the reins and led him through the regional AQHA circuit, the Youth Worlds Show and the QH Congress.  Earning multiple ROM's in performance and a Top Ten placement in the Congress, it was decided Tyler had 'earned his oats'.  After it was decided Tyler could help another rider along, Cassandra found Tiffany's Gem, another appendix mare of nearly 16.2 hands at age 3.  Being long and gangly, her development had huge leaps, bounds and clumsiness!  Tiffany finally grew into a 17.2hh monster, filling a 84" blanket.  With her size, she was a graceful and eye catching Hunter Under Saddle horse.  The Hunter events were always a reason for constant training and practice.  With Tiffany, Cassandra learned to appreciate a healthy work ethic and a positive outlook. 

Along with Cassandra's personal horses, she was constantly challenged by new mounts and new trainers.  Eventually it was time to get out of the saddle and move into the classroom for higher education.  Between 2001 and 2005, Cassandra attended Cazenovia College to learn about proper business management.  It was her aspiration to train horses for a living.  During her time in college, she took advantage of experiencing new Trainers, new Horses, and new opportunities.  Toward the last two years of her time in school, she began developing a real passion for teaching.  Until that time, working with the horse was her only real love and concern.  During practice
sessions under the tutelage of Naomi Blumenthal and other instructors, she learned the connection between student and teacher. 
Without the rider, the horse's talents can be completely lost.  With this realization a new possibility emerged, and her energy was dedicated to learning better communication with a rider.  Using this time as a platform of growth, Cassandra began learning and practicing these new principles with team mates, private lessons, and one on one discussions.  Another keystone to her growth during this time was the vast array of trainers whom she could converse and train under at school.  Cassandra made it her mission not to miss any opportunities of new experiences.  She ride under almost all of the instructors at the college; riding Hunt Seat, Dressage, Stock Seat, Driving and even Reining, whenever the opportunity arose.

The development of Twisted Tree Stables came after Cassandra Shambo accomplished a Bachelor Studies degree in Business Management, specialized in Equine Business.

The experience of learning is ongoing, there is rarely a day that goes by that some lesson is not reinforced, or a new concept explored in the training that Cassandra does.  There is never an end to the learning of the horse, and Cassandra takes that very seriously.  "Its the best part of my job: to learn something new, to see a student develop, and share my knowledge" - Cassandra Shambo

We take great pride in the care we give our customers and our facilities.  We hope to be open enough with our customers that they feel comfortable to come to us for any reason, concern or question at all.