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We have 24 - 10'x12' box stalls, they are cleaned daily and have a wood saw dust bedding. 

Daily Feeding Schedule
7am with a feeding of hay, grain and fresh water (buckets are dumped every day, and cleaned once per month
     in winter season)

    grain is based on the horse's specific dietary needs, Blue Seal brand
    supplements are fed, as owners provide
11am with hay and water
4pm with hay, grain and water
8pm with hay and water

In good weather: horses will go out in gender-like groups.  In other words: Mares are turned out first, Geldings are turned out second.  In most cases we can find a suitable turnout-mate for your horse; this is decided by personality and being able to avoid physical injuries; Individual turnout horses are easy to accommodate.

Outdoor Turnout
: The paddocks of green grass are completely enclosed by Wood Fencing with electric wire.  Separating the paddocks are electric powered wire, made easily visible by bright white large cord rope.  These paddocks are rotated and managed to ensure the horses will have green grass until the snow covers them!

Indoor Turnout
: Horses are allowed free access to our large indoor arena to stretch their legs, while their stalls are being cleaned.  This is a 74'x150' sand arena with wood fen
cing to keep them from getting too close to any mischief. 

Part of the boarding contract is the acknowledgement that TTS will provide regularly occurring services like deworming every 8 weeks.  We have a cyclic schedule of rotated deworming drugs.

Health is a huge priority in our barn.  We try to help educate and support our clients in keeping their equine companions happy and healthy, by offering to take care of required vaccinations and paperwork, for them.  Each year we have an annual vaccination schedule; we examine the due dates of required vaccinations, and make sure paperwork is updated.  This is not a "pay at time of service" service.  TTS schedules this service and handles your horses and paperwork; the local vet (usually Dr. Kirstin Anderson) will administer proper doses and later Bill the owners.  We work for as few mistakes or surprises as possible.  Nothing will be done without the owner's prior consent.

We have an indoor and outdoor wash rack.  The outdoor wash rack is a single stall, wood frame.  The indoor stall is a spacious 10'x12', fed by warm and cold water.  This provides ample room for mid-winter baths or any need of soaking and medical procedures.

There are two tack rooms, both sizing 10'x12'.  Brightly lit and suited for english and western saddles and tack.

Please Note: Rough Board is NOT offered, nor is Nightly Turnout.

Blue Seal of Watertown, NY

Hay purchased locally from Champion

GLC 5500



Himalayan Salt Blocks

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