Riding Philosophy

Ms. Shambo grew up in the Quarter Horse show hunter ring. From college I was exposed to reining, dressage, driving, and western pleasure. Clinics, reading, self study and peer review articles continue my development as a coach and trainer. The task is never over; as soon as you master one skill, you realize there are so many more variations and paths to advancement with you and your mount. Training and instruction are no different.

Every day brings me something different as an instructor. I love teaching. It is one of the

most exciting things I do professionally. To see the rider experience and then understand new paths of communication, balance and

technique on a horse is the most enjoyable of my tasks.

All riding disciplines start with the same basic skills: balance, coordination, and understanding your aids. This is where I start my instruction. To boil it down: riding is riding, it really depends on what you want out of your horse.

Advanced riding is really where I get excited. The basics are fun, in that everything is new. Coordination and balance can bring you feel, which gets you closer to understanding and control. But my passion is developing a good rider into a great leader. I love taking a good student and teaching them deeper concepts of training. There by building a better riding partner for your horse. The horse always improves, but only by a well developed rider can they flourish.