Covid Response

Phase 1

May 15, 2020

We are now open to perform some of our normal horse activities. As of May 15, 2020 we are now able to allow boarders to use and visit their horses, but we must control the number of people present at the barn at all times.


Owners are again welcome to visit and use their horses. However, we are still expected to control the rate of owners in the barn at all times.

From May 18 - 24 we will be scheduling 2 owners to attend the barn from 12 - 7pm.


All visitors must clean and sanitize your equipment and touched surfaces.

Sanitation Stations:

  • blue bucket next to the grain room contains cleaning solution and a rag
  • Hand sanitizer in the same location and bathroom

Masks and Distance

  • Face coverings are required when standing or working within 7 feet of another person while indoors.
  • One person in the tack room at any time.
  • Not required to wear face mask while riding.


Private Lessons in the outdoor arena may resume in Phase 2 for non-beginner students.

Beginner students is defined as any student-rider who requires the close attendance, physical help, or direct engagement from instructor or trainer to handle or tack up.

DO NOT visit if you have any health conditions that may reflect to respiratory or gastric symptoms. Please announce known allergy conditions.